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Parent Alcohol and Drug Education Course
Parent-Wise is an online alcohol & drug education course for parents. The course is made up of 4 lesson modules and can be completed in less than one hour. The parent can also log in and out of the 15 minute lesson modules if time is a factor.

Research studies clearly show that parent involvement contributes to a significant decrease in alcohol and drug-related consequences for their child.

Parent-Wise includes current alcohol & drug information and helps parents have an informed conversation with their teen. In Parent-Wise, we offer guidelines to help establish talking points, boundaries, and a stronger relationship with their child.

Parent-Wise is available in both English and Spanish.


The introduction includes basic knowledge about today's teen culture and information that parents should know.

Drug Basics

This lesson provides information about common street drugs, prescription drugs, nicotine, and anabolic steroids. We explore the drugs that are available, where kids get them, and warning signs of possible drug use.

Consequences of Abuse

The consequences lesson explores the academic, legal, and personal consequences of substance abuse.

Keeping Up

This lesson provides information for parents regarding activities and pressures their teen may face in today's culture.

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