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Enhancing a Knowledge-Based Education Course
In 2003, 3rd Millennium Classrooms formed an alliance with the eCHECKUP TO GO research team at San Diego State University. All 3rd Millennium alcohol and marijuana online courses are fully integrated with the eCHECKUP TO GO brief intervention.

The foundation of 3rd Millennium online courses is individualized intervention. What does my alcohol or marijuana use look like? Where am I in relation to my peers? What are my personal risk factors for substance abuse? Personalized Feedback in a Motivational Interviewing style is foundational to the 3rd Millennium courses.

Data from college controlled studies examining the efficacy of combining the eCHECKUP TO GO with the 3rd Millennium Classrooms alcohol curriculum (Lane and Schmidt, 2007, Salafsky, Moll and Glider, 2007) suggest that combining these approaches can lead to significantly higher retention levels and significantly higher GPA's for students who complete the integrated program.

Symplicity Partnership with 3rd Millennium Classrooms Saves Valuable Time for Conduct Officers

3rd Millennium Classrooms has recently entered into a partnership with Symplicity to provide an integrated offering to clients utilizing Symplicity’s Advocate (Student Conduct) system. Symplicity's Advocate student conduct software and behavioral intervention system is the most comprehensive campus safety solution on the market.

The partnership evolved as a result of both parties seeking to reduce the amount of time conduct professionals spend following up with students and their alcohol and drug course sanctions.

By integrating Advocate and 3rd Millennium’s online interventions, conduct professionals are now able to track students’ online courses directly from Advocate. Conduct offices can monitor a student’s progress through Advocate. Additionally, a student’s 3rd Millennium course completion status is automatically updated in Advocate.