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For the past 20 years, alcohol & drug education classes have been used by schools, courts, and communities to educate and prevent substance abuse. The typical class may include several hours of group lecture, films, and discussion. A recent task force assembled by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism concluded that information-oriented approaches are in the bottom tier of alcohol treatment approaches and there was “clear evidence of ineffectiveness.”12

3rd Millennium Classrooms was formed to provide new options and approaches in the field of alcohol and drug education. We formed an alliance with the San Diego State University Research Foundation early on in our business so that we could develop evidence-based courses for secondary schools, colleges, and courts.

Also, we wanted to develop online alcohol & drug education courses that could be completed at home on a personal computer. Research has shown that aggregating high-risk teens into an alcohol education class group may actually have a detrimental effect on participants and can encourage negative peer behavior. We wanted to provide another option for schools, parents, and students.

Our secondary school offerings can be used in alternative schools for code of conduct violations and as prevention for large student populations. Learn more about implementing our programs.

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