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Personal-Best for Athletes
Personal Best was developed to ease the transition of high school athletes to college by addressing academic preparedness and strengthening emotional readiness for this major life change.

Personal Best recognizes the importance of retention and is committed to improving academic success. We want to mitigate loss to universities, athletic departments, and the students themselves.

Because colleges and universities spend a great deal of effort and funding to recruit top-notch student athletes, institutions of higher learning have a vested interest in seeing admitted freshmen graduate. This increases the prestige and reputation of the school and, in turn, attracts high caliber students. Therefore, increasing retention and graduation rates is an overarching concern of most colleges and universities.

Big Fish

Discusses the transition from high school to college

Up in Smoke

Explores decision-making strategies

Grade Point On

Focuses on the academic side of life

Just Chill

How to manage multiple and conflicting demands

You're More than Your Number

Develop a deeper understanding of yourself

From Player to Coach

Explore and develop your life goals

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