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Courses for Parents
If you are like most parents of teenagers, you wonder how much your son or daughter still listens to your opinion and you are curious about the influence you will continue to have as they grow into adults. You also probably wonder how they will navigate the myriad of decisions, which lies ahead of them. These are important questions and we want to talk about some of the answers as they relate to alcohol and drug abuse.

There is considerable evidence that parents play a critical role in the success of their teens in college, particularly related to their choices about alcohol use. Both a 2001 and 2002 study discovered a significant decrease in students’ tendencies toward drunkenness and drinking-related consequences within a group of freshman who experienced a parent-based intervention the summer prior to the start of the college career. Research shows the following about parent involvement as it relates to student alcohol use:
  • Parents are best able to tailor the content and timing of communication based on their knowledge of the child’s strengths, weaknesses and maturity level. This means that parental influence is able to respect the diversity of the adolescent in a way that few other interventions can.
  • The more parents communicate about the risks of alcohol abuse, the less positive their children are about drinking.
  • Important communication components include: reinforcement of non-drinking alternatives, clarification about risks and negative consequences of drinking, strategies to support assertiveness and resistance to influences that encourage heavy drinking, and ensuring that communication lines remain open throughout the first year of college.
  • Timing is important. The weeks and months just prior to the start of school are the best times to have these conversations.
The Parent-Wise program is availa, you may contact the person who refered your child to see if the parent course is available to you or you may Contact Us for further assistance.

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